Universal 3D Anti-Collision Software to Save Human Lives
Leading Solution Provider for IT and Operational Technology Convergence on Sites involving Vehicles, Machineries, Assets and People
Vision and Ambition

Anti-collision of Everything to save lives

As the global leader of Predictive and Real-time Anti-Collision of Everything to protect assets and save lives, SK Solutions leverages the Internet of Everything to provide IT/OT convergence on operations involving People, Process, Data and Things like vehicles, machineries, assets. SK aims to improve the management of collision avoidance, increase amount of real-time actionable data from mobile field workers, equipment, and operational processes and increase the spread of critical information-based decisions and predictive forecasts. SK Solutions foundation is Asteroid Platform, our Safety, Security and Efficiency oriented Virtual IoE Risk Management Platform powered by SAP HANA, Cisco IOx and Honeywell Sensing.

Séverin Kezeu, CEO and Inventor


As pioneer in Internet of Everything (IoE) over 20+ years of innovation with Asteroid embedding the world most advanced Anti-collision, SK embraces the IoE in many different ways - as more than 50 billion of assets and people will be connected by 2020 - Asteroid will avoid collision of Everything with a high abstraction level of definition of Things. Asteroid is built on advanced artificial intelligence that assists in the guidance and operations of any machine, vehicle, avoiding in real-time any collision, accident and intrusion risk within its complex environment of static obstacles, scheduled forbidden areas and heterogeneous mobiles: cars, trains, planes, boats, cranes, excavator, people and Everything.

Based on contextual, complex and smart actionable data of operations, Asteroid enables applications for Safety, Security and Efficiency in various industries: Construction, Airports, Ports, Shipyards, Oil and Gas, Mining, Nuclear Plant, Aerospace, Transportation, and Everywhere.

Asteroid Embedded suite at Things level, Asteroid Edge suite at Fog level, and Asteroid App Store on Cloud. Our ecosystem members develop their own applications at any platform level and connect their ERP to Asteroid Middleware for IT/OT convergence. The future is today.


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